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Brown Trout


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One of the Longjaws from the old stomping grounds, cant beat stalking these old guys as theyve seen everything and grown smart,

This fish was the result of two hours stalking and finally fell to a tiny  dry wasp fly after throwing every size soft plastic and spoon i had right past his nose, he wouldnt even look at them twice then as soon as i get the fly rod out fist cast and....boom off he went for a thirty minute fight on light fly gear :D

Brown Trout Nz Canals.jpg

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And returned to live on and prosper! This fish was probably around 15years old maybe even a little older judging by the size of his hook jaw. Your right there but there will definately be a few Lunkers in New England somewhere,  just got to be ready to walk the kms! I used to average about 6 hours walking and stalking per day and seen many record breaking fish that just wont touch any sort of tackle ,their main diet is smaller brown and rainbow trout and thats it , I gutted another brown a bit smaller than this one for the cold smoker and he had three small brown trout in his belly! each a good six inches i couldnt believe he could even eat any more!

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