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Suitable trailer for boat.


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 I am in need of a new boat trailer and was automatically going to get a tandem roller trailer to suit my boat (5.6m fibreglass).

However, I was wondering if a single axle trailer would suffice?

I know tandem trailers would provide more peace of mind (in the event of a tyre/bearing blow out) but they are also a hell of a lot more expensive.  As it is we rarely take the boat out of town which is why the old rusty single axle trailer has been ok so far.  In saying that I am keen to take it down the road to airlie beach and do some island hopping / camping in the future.

At a guess my setup weighs approx 1250kg (650 boat, 200 motor, 150 fuel, 250 gear/eskies/anchors etc.  So I would need a 1500kg rated trailer or would I need to step up to 1750kg to be sure?

Appreciate any feedback.

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You could take your boat/trailer to a public weighbridge and find out exactly how much it weighs. Some trailer dealers have them in their yards as well.

You could also call up a dealer of your make/model boat and ask them what trailers they put them on. They will most likely use the bare minimum trailer size that they can get away with, while trailer dealers will most likely try to talk you into buying the most expensive. What you'll need might be something in the middle of those two. 

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Reviving this thread.  Can anyone in North Queensland recommend a good trailer mob anywhere between Mackay and Townsville?   Looking at a single axle if possible but most likely dual axle.  

The few places I have called have all said my boat is too big for single axle trailers.  Although some here would beg to differ.  Anyone know the rego cost difference between dual and single?

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Have a look at the load rating on the tyres of your existing trailer - that might make your decision easier regarding single or dual axle. I run light truck tyres, and these particular tyres have a maximum load of 615kg each on a single axle. That's 1230kg all up.

The advice above regarding checking your all up weight on a weighbridge is important. I have a set of corner weight scales, so I know my boat weight to the kg, and it's way higher than all the manufacturers claims.

Before I replaced all the tyres on my trailer, I had 2 flats. One on the freeway. Thank God I have a dual axle or I think I would have had a recovery on my hands.

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