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  1. Hi all….Awsome day out Jeff.can’t wait to do it again.
  2. Hi all…noelm,anywhere there is excess gal,heat with an oxy and use a wire brush to remove excess gal.
  3. Hi all…Noelm,I just done my brakes.the piston has a groove with an o ring.my brakes are deemax,and I bought a rebuild kit,it came with the o ring.
  4. Hi all…..what a memorable day it was.we got smoked a heap of times.very tense times while Jeff was trying to land that cobe on snapper gear.my stuff up with the gaff had me feeling sick in the gut,thinking if we lose it,its my fault.but Jeff’s a master fisherman and knows what he’s doing,so all was good. well done mate…
  5. Hi all…Michaelbbeck….I had a 6 m barcrusher and loved and miss that boat.I now have a much larger hainshunter.the barcrushers get knocked a lot by people,and I really don’t know why…I highly recommend them.
  6. Hi all…A Lot of work and hours and hrs of flicking those plastics for the results.plus listening ,watching and remembering everything Jeff does and says.the credit goes to you mate.
  7. Hi all…I feed my dogs fish frames all the time.
  8. Hi all…stainless on stainless,they mite gall up.? ive got easytow with stainless rotors and calipers,I check them next time I do a service.
  9. Hi all...Pete,why don’t you design/make one yourself out of aluminium ?mark out and cut out what you can,go to a sheet metal place and get them to fold it for you.I could weld it up for you.cheap and exactly what you want.
  10. Hi all...turns out my shurflo 1100 is still working fine,must have been a blockage of some sort.
  11. Hi all...even with an 1100 pump,slimey mackerel die.
  12. Hi all...Jeff,we had a similar day with 3 nice panies and a bonito.weird day but got a feed and got out of the house.
  13. Hi all...tko,my shurflo is noisy from new.has a spinning whining noise.
  14. Hi all...like I said,I’m suspecting water being forced in way to hard and fast. my shurflo just broke.I haven’t pulled it out yet because I’m waiting for new pump to arrive.I actually heared the pump impeller break.the pump still runs,just doesn’t pump water.
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