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Bondi luderick on fly


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Had the day off so after chores (taking the dog for a walk) i decided the water looked good enough for a couple of beers and a flick off the rocks.

Took down the surf rod and some slices, as well as the fly rod and new reel incase i felt game to test drive it off the stones.

Fished from the top of the tide with the slugs for a while for zip. Retreating to my beer, i decided to try for blackies with the wand.

Rigged up using a bomber (weighted) fly with a trailing unweighted fly on the point. Unfortunately my weighted flies were nowhere near weighted enough so after watching them blow around near the surface for a few more casts i once again went back to the thinking can to consider my options.

"you gonna give up?" called one of the bathers, as i considered doing just that.

After explaining my predicament and insisting to incredulous ears that fish do indeed eat green wool, i remembered an olive baited breath that a mate gave me for bream but which i found too heavy for the estuary application at the time.

Perfect! It was heavy and olive which is close enough to green. I replaced the bomber and was back at the ledge.

First cast and i'm happy with the sink. The fly line does something funny and i strike, lifting into the unmistakable headshakes of a blackie.

A short tussle later and i had dinner on the stones, a new species on fly, a freshly blooded reel, and congratulations from the onlookers.



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Mate, solid catch on a fly outfit.

I have the EXACT same flies I use em when the weed collection is a bit tough - they work a treat when the blackies are fired up. Drummer love em too off the stones.

Good on ya for showing that bather asking if you're going to give up <_<


Edit: forgot to add - bread flies work well too off the rocks. Have never fly fished with them but use them sometimes with a traditional luderick float rig.

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