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South Avoca Rocks

Rock hopper

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Morning All,

Went to south avoca rocks today to see if crowds have gone. Arrived at first light and there were only 6 or 7 people on the ledge. I fished near the angel ring today instead of the front ledge. Floated pillies for nothing. Then spun for a while using an x-rap long cast shallow for one hook up which resulted in a pulled hook. Then did a bit of light line wash fishing which was the most productive. Caught an eel, leather jacket, some small tailor and I think a baby rock blackfish ? Can anyone advise. Nice morning out. All fish released.





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Yeah work sucks. I'm lucky enough to have Wednesdays off to spend time with our little girl but having a throat infection the wife wants me out of house so bub doesn't get it. Feel like I'm in quarantine. :huh:

Thanks for id. That's another for the species board. 

Don't work to hard :)


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