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8 minutes ago, jeffb5.8 said:

Ok let’s hijack this thead


where does the water come from for the cleaning tables?

Is it sea water or fresh water?

if it’s sea water I used Rydalmere boat ramp on the Parra river and I don’t want my nice fresh ocean fish washed with Parra river water and everyone tells me not to use fresh water, guess I will have to either clean on the water or bring a bucket of sea water back as well.

Most I’ve used have been fresh water. So, I pick up a bucket of salt water from the Bay as I come into the ramp. The water is pretty clean here. ? Or, if I’m filleting, the fillets just go into a container and I wash them properly in salty water when I get home, then pat them dry with a paper towel. The water at the table I mainly use for washing down the table and my knife and cutting board etc. ... and my smelly hands!

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