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Choosing the right prop.


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Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has had this experience before and I’d willing to share the result. I have a 2005 quintrex 610 offshore with a 150 Yamaha four stroke and I was looking in getting the prop changed to stainless. Would anyone have any ideas as which one would be the best for my rig. Thanks guys.


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Nice boat mate, my mate just got a prop from somewhere beginning with S.

With their suggestion it’s given his boat a massive increase in performance, turns out he was geared too high.

if you can’t work out who I’m talking about let me know and I’ll pm you the company.

whats the issue with your boat? 

What is the WOT revs at the moment?


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In that case id save the money and buy another rod or reel lol.

if your hitting recommended WOT revs and getting out of the hole well then i wouldnt worry.

same pitch and size just in stainless wont do too much imo (maybe a touch more responsive)

could be wrong though.

it will look pretty!

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