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Harrington breakwall/beach


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Hey guys me and a mate have planned a trip to Harrington next month for the weekend, so the plan is get up there spin for tailor through the day and fish for Jew through the day and night, 

we are taking his 4wd and thinking of just rolling out swags on the beach for the weekend so we will be fishing the breakwall  and beach we are thinking of going on the beach from crowdy head to the breakwall! Really pumped for this trip  should be a blast! I have never been there so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on entry's to the beach  or collecting bait? Or any useful information in general for there would be much appreciated thanks in advanced guys?

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There are a couple of access points to the beach along Crowdy Head road.  The first one's not far after leaving Harrington but they're easy to spot so you won't miss it.

We've gotten jews off the beach there before but no big ones.

Might be worth doing a bit of spinning/livebaiting from the rock wall at Crowdy Head too.  Should be some pelagics about.

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The jew in my pic was caught off Crowdy beach in November. Right on the high tide at dusk on king worms (metho/frozen) - see post. We couldn't drive more than a few kms from the surf club before the beach ran out at high tide and we got bogged trying to turn around and then again on the soft sand trying to get back. Ended up having to walk over 1km to find a nice gutter to fish but the result was worth it. Would have been OK at low tide but still beware.

From the sounds of your post, I think you are talking about Harrington beach as that is the beach with the Harrington breakwall at the southern end. Best jew fishing here is near the breakwall. There is an access point just after the caravan park and a track at the back of the dunes to the right taking you to the wall.

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