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Sydney harbour mulloway spots


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Hi there fellow raiders, In a few weeks I am going to go fishing for some mulloway but I don't know any spots near me. Any spots around north of the harbour bridge would be good. Also can someone please tell me what rig to use? I am going to have some live mullet for bait, but I need some help on how to rig it. Thanks everyone.

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Rig would be size 6/0 hook minimum tied to 60-100cm of trace material.  Personally I use enough weight to get the bait to the bottom and I leave this as a running type of sinker above a swivel.  I live bait with snells and rarely use single hooks.  I have caught on both singles and snells, i just prefer snells.

As for spots,  try around structure, outside of river bends, somewhere that has access to deeper water. for a start.   And im assuming youve done a little research about where to target jews, try spots that have been mentioned.  Im not talking about this suburb or that suburb, but what areas of a waterway you should try and find like the ones I mentioned above.  It wont be to hard to find some of these spots by simply looking at maps.  Its exactly how I started my passion for mulloway.

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