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Jetski ban georges river

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C'mon Fishraiders get behind the push to give the Jet Ski riders a Kick up the Arse.....Unfortunately too many of these guys have no regard for others and do not share the waterways as they should.Whilst fishing the Georges regularly concern for my safety and others is of a great concern. Firm action is needed and the best way to teach them to behave is to ban the bloody lot of them.

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I wish I could get on board with a total ban on Jet skis, but I don't think it's fair to those who are doing the right thing. I've done some Jet ski riding myself and had a ball (without bothering or endangering anyone). 

To me it seems a bit like banning all fishing because some people leave old mono in the water that kills fish or leave fish offal laying around and the smell puts off swimmers, or some dickhead puts out a bunch of illegal traps. 

I think if we want the water to be shared with us we also need to be willing to share the water with others. 

Having said all that, f*#% the retards who ruin my fishing on their Jet skis! Fine the motherloving dickens out of them and finance better safety and courtesy education (and another officer to fine the rest of the bastards). 

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