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  1. I don't normally worry about looking cool while fishing, but I do take your point. It looks very out of the ordinary.
  2. Hi Raiders, I came across something called boat collars today. They seem to be low cost and high utility, but I haven't seen any around that I can think of. Wondering if anyone has one or if they've been in a boat equipped with one and what do you think?
  3. Having said that, it looks pretty similar to this old Quinny https://goo.gl/images/PJswk9
  4. I'm not sure how long Quintrex have been doing the stretching, I kinda thought it was a more recent thing...more recent than the age of that boat would seem to be. Happy to be educated. Looks like a very cool old boat though.
  5. 99% of my time on Fishraider is via iPhone too
  6. That's fair enough. Nobody's asking you to give up state secrets, we're just curious.
  7. I don't have any suggestions but I'd like to register my jealousy. Previous experience in the area was that it's hard not to catch fish around there, but that might be overstating. Good luck
  8. That's a pretty good accomplishment! Lots of patience and a little luck. Very nice.
  9. Also think its a Dusky. Very nice colouring!
  10. Better to cut the hook so you can push it thru without the barb... Still hurts like crazy though.
  11. I’ve made a couple sets of ganged hooks for myself. I prefer to chain them together with wire. If you leave the loop of the wire just a bit oversize, then when you crimp it down it acts similar to a swivel except you don’t have to add swivels. I make the bottom hook one size larger than the top 2-3 hooks. Due to the flexibility of the wire and the loops, it makes it much harder for the fish to get enough leverage to spit the hooks or open the eyes. The wire also means it stands up to toothy fish without worries. Depending on what kind of fishing you’re doing, you can also thread on some lumo beads or tubing over the wire as you go. I use straight shanks because it's a bit easier to get everything to line up properly without twisting in the water but I’m sure if I wanted to fuss with it a bit more the offsets would work just fine.
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