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Mustad Hoodlum as Assist hook


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I have started using them tied onto hook on large SPs for flatties as im sick of losing big girls after five minutes shakin their heads..they are good on lures but are throwaways as chemical sharpened hooks and saltwater don't mix well...the points start rusting off fairly quickly...rick

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kAs-09 , I haven't tried using these hooks , yet ... I have them, sitting in my jig making box of tricks, 

At the moment, I am trying out the Owner Gorilla Live Bait Hooks as Assist Hooks....

So far so good....

I use Kevlar Cord( Mustard Colour ), not the 'Red Assist Cord'.

I have 70lb, 100lb and 400lb cord, the heavier is hard to get through the eye once, trying to put through twice.

I find it to be very strong, have had no bite through's ...again , yet ...... still use heatshrink over the eye section when finishing off ...

Only been using these for Snapper so far ....



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I use them on metals that I throw off the beach for salmon and tailor.

The assist hook really cuts down the amount salmon that throw the lure and I think the heavy gauge of the hoodlum helps as well.

I noticed you're from Norway. The salmon I'm talking about aren't true salmon. They have a very soft mouth and are notorious for throwing lures with head shakes when they jump.

20150909-P1010803.jpg.66175f7b01375f21eac1d02aec84abfc.jpg lure

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