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Crabbing in the Hawkesbury on the weekend?

Sea Ranger

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 I haven't fished the Hawkesbury for a number of years.  The last time I went I dropped crab pots at Mooney Mooney Creek.    My father (and I) are both getting on in age a bit and he is visiting from Over Seas so we had a good chat and thought some crabs would be fun to chase.  I was looking at the rules (which have changed since I last did it) and see that Mooney Mooney is closed as is Cowan creek to crabbing on the weekends..  At least that is how I'm reading it...   Is there anywhere I can drop a few crab pots (2 per person lol) legally around Sydney on a weekend?




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I had to look this up because I'm in the area and wasn't aware of the Mooney Mooney Creek restriction, and I see traps in there all the time. The written description is unclear, but the map in the link below (see page 6) clarifies - Mooney Mooney Creek is only restricted (on weekends) from the Pacific Highway bridge a fair way upriver (not the bridge at Brooklyn). There's still a fair chunk of Mooney Mooney Creek available for crabbing. 





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