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Narra lake poddy


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I fish for flatties land based and use the same rod and rig I use for fishing for blackfish.  Centrepin reel loaded with a mainline around 12 to 15lb monofilament greased with vaseline above a fixed or running float. A swivel below the lead and then 8lb fluorocarbon trace with a size 2 widemouth hook.

I pin the poddy to the hook through the lower jaw exiting above the top lip.

I set the depth to be a foot or so off the bottom and drift the float through the channels during the last couple of hours of the run out tide.

Like blackfishing, I let the down go for a slow count of 5 or more while I reel in the slack before setting the hook.

Other people around here fish the bottom without a float and have a small sinker above the swivel then a lighter trace and the same hook.

All the best.



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I specialise in catching big flathead and use a kale or big-mouth hook size 1, 1/0 or 2/0 depending on size of bait. these hooks usually pull back out like a circle giving a lip hook-up which makes releasing the big ones easier. I put hook into mouth and out through top of head in front of eyes.  There is a roundish bump in front of eyes, you go through middle of this.

I would use the lighter rod as I use 2-4kg rods and only 1kg pretest line and have managed 2 flathead over 5.5kg and both 97cm.                                                                                                                                               Ron

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