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Squiding Pittwater


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Decided to target squid in the hawksbury did some research in our articles and a hawksbury fishing map, set off from akuna bay 6:30Am friday, tried a few spots on the way out water was dirty and had no luck went to west head about 8:30 conditons perfect very slow drift water clear 2hours later no fish a few other boats got yakkas no prob, But I was sticking to my plan, changed jigs and leaders same result went to barrenjoey head the drift was taking me out not to fast finally managed a southern callamari did 3 drits along the northern face, spent half an hour with sps in the main channel while I ate lunch O,but on the way back noticed some fish jumping threw the sp boated two tailor which went back in,  home by 1:30 with my sole target species in the esky in a sandwichbag (hoping to turn it into a king) still beats working and will be back out next day off.

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