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10 Bbs And A Lot Of Fruit For $89


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Hiya all; just havin a look at a certain shop's catalogue and they have the new Daiwa Regal Xi models for $89. This seems rather a nice price for a reel with 10bbs, ABS spool plus alloy spare, machined handle and braid friendly line lay etc etc. So it doesn't have an airbail or metal body but who cares as bream sized reels don't exactly have to handle big stresses. Anyone played with one yet in any size as they do seem a bit of a bargain for the price? Cheers Bombie

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Yeah mate I have played with them before. not a smooth as some of my daiwa's but for the price they are good.

Its the old saying " You get what you pay for ".

In having said that you do get a very very good reel for such a small outlay.

So my two cents worth would be, that I doubt you would find a better reel for the price. Almost everything else in that price range will not stack up.

Damm good value i think.



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