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Christmas Holiday Fishing.


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G'day raiders,

Over new years im going to Lake Tabourie for about 5 days.

Never been there before, wont be there again (regularly at least).

Anyone know what i might find, any chance of a lbg king.

I dont plan on taking the tinnie but wouldn't mind a land based morning or 2.

This is a camping trip with some non fishos rather a than a fishin trip.

Can anyone help me with rough locations or things to expect?

Feel free to PM me if you have secret spots, (at new years hahaha), Its alright, i wont be back with all my mates.

All help appreciated.


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Beaches fish well for all the usual species, Beachworms are there too!

The lake has good prawns at the right time, some bream and flathead.

Out the front of the lake is Crampton Island, access is usually an easy walk across the sand spit, but can be covered at high tide. Fun at night! The SOUTH facing ledges are the ones to fish, close to the beach and low down for bream drummer and a long cast to a reef for snapper. over the top to a high ledge to spin for salmon taylor striped tuna and kings. right out the front for lbg. The island is one of my favorite spots.


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Hi Steve

Looks like I have an opportunity to repay the advice you recently gave me re your 'secret weapon'!

I've been going to the Lake Tabourie area since I was born (30 years ago yesterday, happy birthday to me) and have fished it from the shore extensively (not having had any access to a boat). As Bluefin suggests - the island out in front of the lake is where the action's at for both the usual species and LBG. You could probably spend the whole week just fishing the island without getting bored.

There's not much I can add to what Bluefin has told you, except that the reef on the southern side of the island is a great surf spot called dum-dums which produces some good rides in southern swells (if you're a surfer).

Some other pointers, however, for the area:

1. Tabourie lake itself fishes like crap unless it is open to the sea, in which case you'll do well fishing the mouth (but it aint often open). If you want flatties, bream and whiting you'd be better to wander up Wairo Beach and look for a nice hole or gutter to fish (the beach is huge - you'll definitely find an unpopulated spot).

2. Burrill Lake (which is about 5 minutes drive north) is a much better estuary for both fishing and prawning, and is always open to the sea.

3. Bawley Point (about 5 minutes drive south) has some great beach fishing, particularly from Murramarang and Racecourse beaches. Bawley also has several of Australia's best surfing reefs tucked away, if you're into that.

4. If you take the Bawley turnoff but then go past Bawley itself and keep driving through Kioloa (an additional five minutes south) you get to Merry and Pretty beaches - the big headland between them is another very good LBG spot.

If you want more specific info then PM me.


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Guest maraudingmado

Hey Scottie !!,

whats news big fella ??

Didnt catch you at the classic......i had beers waiting for you :beersmile::thumbup:


G'day Changa

I tell you...if I ever meet this "Murphy" whose law always seems to come up I will give him a bit of hurry up :05::1badmood: . Every time I am to go fishing in recent weeks bad luck comes knocking on the door and stupid me opens it. The latest is my partner's back went on her completely stopping me from attending the FANGNSW Bass Bash just up the road from your place.

Might be heading your way on Sunday to visit friends and have been invited to the Oakville Rural Fire Service Xmas do so hopefully I will be able to share those beers :beersmile::beersmile: Good to hear from you :thumbup::thumbup:

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