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Bait trap - baits


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Hi Raiders,


iv bought myself a small bait trap to use for when I take my boy fishing as I find the frozen baits around my area are terrible. Was looking for any tips or recommendations when it comes to what to put in the trap.


cheers in advance.


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Assuming its a trap for poddy mullet, the best thing to put in there is plain old white bread. Use the search function to find the best places to set your trap.

If there's not a lot of current around, it helps the throw a few small chunks of bread around the outside of the trap to berley them into the area. Some guys slosh a bit of water around inside the trap before setting to break some of the bread up a little allowing the current washes it out, leading fish to bigger chunks still in the the trap.

Be sure to add a stone or heavy sinker to your trap to stop it being swept away and I'm pretty sure you need to mark it with a float including your personal details these days if left unattended. You can find this on the fisheries website.

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