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  1. You are possibly at max depth for that transducer, definitely lower the frequency on both 2d and downvu also up the contrast and brightness around 60to70percent downvu .you’ll have to fine tune to suit conditions I find green palette best for downvu und is only good in shallow depths otherwise a more powerful transducer gt51
  2. Smobaby

    pie warmer

    Durability is very good mine sits on the cabin bunks in a purpose built aluminium tray not secured, been fine, make sure you place pies etc in a tray as the pounding of the boat will cause pies to collapse through the racks salt spray water has not affected mine too much just clean after use just don’t forget the sauce. Don’t forget about the food or it will burn. Nothing better than the smell of cooking pies wafting through the boat
  3. Smobaby

    pie warmer

    One of the best investments on the boat have a kick ass brand . Has been faultless takes a while to get to temp but worth the wait turn on when you arrive at the ramp heats up while cruising .Nothing beats hot food while fishing can cook anything a normal oven can.
  4. Looks great paint on the prop will come off with use. Which means you better get out there.
  5. Don’t panic warm water with fish is coming a couple of weeks and it will be a different story. The currents are well offshore, check dpi for the Sydney east fad better still go wider.
  6. The obstruction What’s gone on there, know one at the ramp knew anything. Fresh seats and canopy. Whoops the bung plug while parking trailer? Definitely a hazard.
  7. Headed to the harbour for new year’s. Arrived at wharf rd about 11.50am no line up quick launch and off to the fish markets to get lunch, very little docking due to construction quickly dropped off the missus to get food. Had a nice lunch then headed to shark island for the night have not seen the harbour this full of boats probably our 10th year. Caught few bream all realeased.back yard.front yard. Had a great night except for the mozzies which were immune to aeroguard and rough conditions whilst trying to sleep so awoke a bit worse for wear. Eventually headed to Watson bay for a fish 20 knot easterly turned the drift into a troll still managed few good tailor, then headed to nth head for a spin eventually hooked a couple of XL salmon on 3 kg spin gear but we’re busted off at the boat great fun. Headed to rose bay for some Charlie’s chicken. Debated staying another night but decided to head home everyone had all the protected spots with good water. Got back to wharf rd about 5 pm to use a small section of the wharf.
  8. Smobaby

    Hydraulic brakes

    There should be a small slot in the centre of the calliper that allows the pad to slip into position then move to the side .The pads are not able to just slip in they are larger than the gap in the calliper . Have a close look at the picture in above post there is a slight rebate at the to of the pad which slots into the retainer on the calliper.
  9. Plenty of bass at the weir on the Nepean heading upstream at the moment some big trout as well
  10. Way to go Al is a top bloke honest and very helpful worth the visit
  11. Try the creeks at Homebush Olympic park area.
  12. Get some good quality vise grips securely tighten and undo. Then replace the plastic bolt with another genuine item if you destroyed it. There plastic for a reason..
  13. Tried the same my turtles demolished the poor bass and yabbies need to seperate all or leave them in the environment. Then hand feed.
  14. Smobaby


    Definitely worth the effort, great catch and awesome feed to be had.
  15. Well done seas and conditions look much better than last weekend, the place had shut down
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