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Recommend me a rod


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Plenty in the Wilson Live Fibre range to choose from mate.  I started (2010) with a couple of standard Live Fibre's (6-8kg and 10-15kg) for my mulloway fishing and they are great rods.  Less than $300.  I upgraded to a pair of Wilson Texaliums last year in the 8-15kg range and they are even better, but more expensive.

Ugly Stick gold's or platinum's are also nice rods, they would only set you back about $150 per rod.

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I highly recommend Shimano terez rods, I have 4 now, varied from 10-20lb,  2x15-30lb, 30-50lb. And they have performed great for me both on bait and lure, the smaller for mostly my plastics but the two 15-30lb are great allrounders. Handling 75cm+ kingies, snapper etc out of the boat and pulled some big salmon off the beaches throwing some long cast raps. I will be buying terez again if I need to replace or get any additional. The pre 2020 models will be on sale soon I would imagine, I know I’ll be getting any on special.

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