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Functional boat layout


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Gday Raiders,

first time poster and I'm looking for some inspiration.

i have a 5.35m Tournament fibreglass cuddy, predominantly used for blue water fishing of the NSW Centra Coast.

this is my first large (ish) boat and I have plenty of space but am looking for ideas on storage of all the small essentials like fire extinguisher, spare fuel, water, epirb etc 

I'd like to keep the side pockets fairly free for nets, bats and gafs etc so when we do hook up things run smoothly.

id love to see some pics or hear what you guys have done.

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I've seen some of the pedestal seats with slots for trays i them. I've also seen some of the leaning ;posts with space for an esky in them. They look pretty good too. I'm going t have to do something similar as you are looking at. I got a lot of space for fishing, but not a lot for storage. A rocket launcher for getting the rods out of the way is essential I think.



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Yeh I've got a bit of rod storage with 6 holders in the rocket launcher and another four built into my custom bait board.

I was considering taking out my seat pedestals and replace the drivers with a box type with storage and somewhere to screw off my extinguisher and epirb and replace the passenger seat pedestal with the frame made by Relaxn that fits the esky underneath, but it's a lot of holes to be drilling and filling in my floor 

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