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Scary Moment.

sydney south

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Yesterday my brother and I decided to forget the wind and still go out for a fish in Botany Bay.

After a few hours we decided to head in a bit closer to Silver Beach at Kurnell. 

I slowed up when getting closer to the groynes and went past what I thought was a crab float that was about 10 metres away at around 4 knots.

It was at this time that what I thought was a crab pot float turned into a surfacing snorkler where the flag and and float must have been dragged under the water or had been inverted just showing a small area with no dive flag visible. 

I casually spoke to the snorkelers later at the ramp and discussed my concerns about their dive flag.

They were a good pair of blokes and we communicated well and they were also surprised and concerned. 

It was a near miss, that could have easily been an injury or much worse.

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Coming back through Crookhaven heads about two years ago i had about 25 knots of North easterly wind up my arse pushing against a run out tide and about 2.5m swell. The wave i was riding the back of decided to die and as is the want of that bar i had another coming up my rear end, i powered out of the ditch to climb the next wave only to find a surfer under my bow.

I had no option but to swing hard and bury the nose of the boat forcing us into a partial broach. Needless to say a lot of expletives were fired out from under the had top at the idiot in the bar on his surfboard  🤬

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29 minutes ago, kingie chaser said:

They were very lucky indeed!

Its up to them to make sure their safety equipment/flag is operating as it should & you would think they would be keeping a close eye on their flag buoy.


Anyway how did you go with the fishing, anything around?

Thanks for the reply. Yes I understand that it is up to them. But I would still have felt terrible if someone was injured. 

Caught 6 undersized faltties an 3 undersized redies. 

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2 hours ago, sydney south said:

But I would still have felt terrible if someone was injured. 

No doubt.

In work situation they ask you to fill out an incident report for any near misses that occur so they can evaluate what could be done differently to avoid a near miss.

What do you think you could have done differently to avoid this near miss??


At the end of the day people need to be responsible for their own actions!


If you cross the M4 motorway while looking at your phone then your going to be hit!


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