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  1. Just make sure you check the zoom links capability & compatibility on your device whatever it is. Then being a zoom call you have the added advantage of having notes in front of you without them really knowing so use that to your advantage. At least with a zoom call you can be in your boxers below even if your wearing a suit & tie above 🤣 Good luck Fab 🙂
  2. It was a privilege to go out in the Barrycuda on the one occasion, you could see the care & attention to detail taken in looking after it & also the way it was set out. Im sure the same detail & thought will go into the new rig Zoran & new fond memories created. The Barrycuda may be gone to a new owner but will never be forgotten
  3. Hi Frank, unfortunately some older operating systems wont work with newer printers & vice versa. Surely you can just produce the receipt on your phone without printing it, along with photo ID?? Or email/send this to services NSW?? There are more options these day on paperless transfers. Just a suggestion to ask them.
  4. https://www.awe.gov.au/biosecurity-trade/aircraft-vessels-military/vessels/marine-pest-biosecurity
  5. What are the questions you want answers to??????????
  6. The balance of fishing light to catch more fish over fishing slightly heavier & landing less fish but hopefully keeping your gear is an ever ending fisho's challenge. Some days you win some days you lose. Once I have bought gear then its basically written off, the cost doesnt come into it, if I couldn't afford it then I shouldn't have bought it..................but then I dont have a missus to explain things to 😁 The only saving grace is if it brings me home a few fish to help pay for the outlay....................... but inevitably of course you will never end up in the black......................but we accept that & do what we do for the enjoyment right! Cest la vie 😉
  7. Great work, you must have found the right patch. Last outing in my usual area I only caught a few undersized models. Ended up catching 5 occy thought on my hand made skutes. I even moved around quite a bit to but just didn't land on the right patch like you.
  8. As the old aussie saying goes- Pick yourself up, dust yourself off & get back on the horse 🙂
  9. Just dont mix plastic like Z's that dont need to be kept moist with liquid like alive solution with Gulps that do. Pretty simple.
  10. Nice work Gordo. Looks like there is plenty of action out at the Fads at the moment!
  11. Great 1st report Nutz, well done on the Mahi
  12. Yeh that's a surprise seeing as the RMS is a stickler for rules & mandatory ruled for boats. But good on you for taking the initiative, on safety, I couldn't imagine not taking all that gear. Anything can happen including being hit by sealife. Last time I went out to browns with mates there were that many dolphins flying across in front of us we had to slow right down for fear of being broadsided by one, that aren't small. There were also whales breaching all over the place to. I'd imagine there would be people that say nah I don't need that & there's no rules so if I get pulled up they can't do anything. They obviously don't value their life a great deal. At the end of the day you have to respect the sea & mother nature otherwise it will chew you up & spit you out. Look forward to hearing more offshore adventures 🙂
  13. They look more than capable but Im sure you have to pick your days. I am curious though about the offshore rules. I presume you need to follow the general offshore rules for vessels?? I just read the hand manual & couldnt see any rules of offshore but its just out of curiosity. I saw a guy come through BBay heads when I was out the other week fully rigged up for offshore. I recon its a great method for fishing but you have to have youth on your side I'd say as it would be pretty physical.
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