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Flathead and Kings in Broken Bay


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Haven’t been to Broken Bay for a while, but heard the bream were going nuts, turned out I couldn’t find the hungry hoards, so targeted my favourite Kingfish and boated 7 rats all in the 60-70 cm range just of West Head. Lots of boats collecting bait (Yakkas) and everyone seemed to be getting busted off by rogue rats hitting jigs I tended for the Yakkas. Plenty of bait around and swell and wind good until 11 am. Tried outside at several of the offshore reefs, but boated all the little kings inside at Pittwater.
Got a good feed of flatties, but all little (40-50cm) 

Squid we’re not hard, but only little green eyes. - No pics as we’ve all seen little Kingies. The boys hard a good time on light gear and lost as many as boated.

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