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Birthday surprise!


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Hi guys! Wondering if I could get some help!! Hubbies birthday coming up soon (End Feb) and he really wants to get a blue eye cod. Heard I might have a good chance at KIAMA Canyons, if any has been recently or can recommend a spot our NSW coastline! 
Thank you in advance for your help and time!! 

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You have to get out to anywhere that's like 200-450mtrs deep & then you have a chance..

Browns mountain is a well know spot for gems, blue eye etc.


Not sure about south nsw.


Maybe you need to get him the $1500 electric reel 1st before he can get out there.


Seriously thought not really sure what you are asking here, you need to give us some details, are you asking for a spot on a map, asking for a charter, asking for just various locations if you can even get out there to those areas??


Help us help you 👌

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