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Wood turning take 2


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Follow up on my new hobby. This is my first attempt at making a wood spool for a fishing reel. Couldn't find one of my 4 inch Alveys so decided to make a copy of a Seamartin 11 spool and this is the result to date. raining at the moment so not in the shed as it leaks right where I want to work, so showing a progress shot. Just have to finish it off by drilling the through hole and hollowing out the back to make it a bit lighter.




The crucial part will be the thickness where the drag washers go so that the drag works properly and placing the clicker spring in, will have to find some tiny screws ( probably from an old watch.


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So here it is all ready to put some line on it and catch a fish, the drag works fine and reel is nice and smooth.



I have a coat of varnish on it and will probably add a couple of more coats. Hope the varnish keeps the salt water out , but probably only be used once and then stored away somewhere.

At least now I know I can make reel spools successfully so might make a few more for the Alveys.


Sorry photos slightly out of focus

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