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Murray Cod Outfit

Will Wright

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Hi Will,

That outfit would definitely land a cod but it would depend on what waterway you are fishing and the size fish you are targeting. Plenty of giant cod get landed fishing on light line for yellas but the odds are definitely in the fishes favour.

What are you classing as a big lure?  45 grams is a relative light cast weight for the cod game these days with lures up to and exceeding 250gm and 25cm common.

For the size lures that outfit will throw you might get away with line that light but I think you would struggle to stop a decent fish. 

For my cod outfits I almost exclusively use 40-50lb main line and leader with maybe 1 outfit rigged with 30lb. This is just my personally preference as bites can be hard enough to come by without the frustration of snapping off fish on light line.

Cheers, Trav.


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6 hours ago, Will Wright said:

Hey guys so I’m wondering if  my raider snapper with a 4000 reel can handle cod it’s got 15-45gm lure weight and I’ve got 15lb braid with 30lb leader. Is this good enough to cast big lures land based for murray cod?


Hey Will good luck with your land based Murray Cod fishing challenge. If you're looking for inspiration have a look at robbiefishing videos. Robbie Alexander is a larrikin Cod fisho from Wangaratta who does a lot of skinny water fishing for the green monsters. Good luck with your adventures mate. Let us all know how you go, bn

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Robbie was a mate of mine and a regular on my other site, he then started to write to magazines so had to leave my site due to conflict with the magazine. He is a great bloke with plenty of knowledge.

Your outfit should handle Cod to a certain size.


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