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Of all times not to have a single fishing rod


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Took the new boat out for a quick spin and to see how to launch and retrieve amd first time i have run into a bait ball in botany. Was near the drums..... and didnt have a single rod or handline with me haha.


So the big arches are the good fish...what u think they might have been?


Also how would i fish this...i heard u throw a metal lure to sides of the baitball and wind fast.... but do you let it sink a little first or just as hits surface wind like mad?


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In all honesty most likely just very small bait with yakkas or small tailor, but not to say there wasn't a king kicking around it. You are in very shallow water hence why the detail looks big on the screen, also most decent sized fish wouldn't sit just 1 m under the boat, they would spook. Even in 50m of water kings look bigger than that on my Lowrance. In 50m of water your screen resolution would make those fish look pretty dam small ( like yakkas, damsel fish, roughy, mado's or slimies etc). 


As for fishing it, the fact it's shallow I would use a very light soft plastic on light tackle which gives good tail action on the fall incase there are any trevally or pinkies etc close to the bottom. But if its what I think it is, then burley some pilchards and drop a small hook with a tiny bead sinker down to confirm it's simply small fry.

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