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  1. there goes my summer fishing season... unfortunately this happened to me last week at botany foreshore ramp. lucky the only thing that was hurt was the boat, no one on board when it happened. currently at the repairer waiting for assessment, port side of boat is buckled..., my hardtop is out of what, there is a dent on the starboard side where got pushed into the Ramp. oh well... poop happens, thank god for insurance.
  2. Was nice to run into you chris... thank for the tips you gave about bate bay My day was like yours, managed one 36cm pannie in bate bay then went a little quiet so headed to cape banks and managed 2 more pannies...32 amd 33cm. No stonkers like yours i have to say....well done on the snapper.
  3. Nice Video... double hookup of 2 very nice snapper. i am very jealous. I need to try the soft plastics out, all the snapper i get is bottom bashing on the paternoster but need to try the soft plastics. Also need to hit bate bay up more too. One thing not sure how easy it in on the ski... but do you not brain spike and bleed your snapper?
  4. Cannot tell you if odd or not for winter as never really targeted them. It was in 60m depth pretty much off coogee beach. I think i stumbled onto a spot as a charter boat came by the general area and had abit of a fish for a while too
  5. A great day of boating and fishing over the weekend On saturday a few friends wanted to chase whales so just went out past botany heads. Took the rods just incase but fishing was tough as was not the days priority so didnt have all the gear. Still got an amazing show put on for us by these majestic beasts of the ocean. Plenty of big breaches close to the boat which was epic. Then sunday comes along and it was all about the fish. Went with a few mates out off lurline bay and tried for trags as was told they were about. Nothing was happening so went off waverly cemetry and all we got were small spikey flatheads. So at about 10am made the call to hit coogee wide and have a crack there. Start the drift and we get a mowie and a just legal snapper so was a good sign on the right spot. 5 min into the drift mates rod buckles and he pulls up a nice 55cm pearl pearch. We were stocked to say the least...a few min later boom my rod buckles and up comes a 55cm snapper. What a day!!! Continue the drift and woo hoo my rod buckles again and i get myself my first pearl perch. We start the drift again and once more my rod goes off and up comes a trag....my mates are getting upset as all the action is on my rod and i sort of felt for them too haha. By this time i am realising for all the shit days of fishing you have its days like this that get you back on the water... however within about half an hour of all the action happening the bite just died so we decided to try squidding. Never really got into the squidding as could never catch one... we tried kurnell, near the nude beach and the last stop was bare island and the fishing gods came back to visit me and finally i got my fisrt squid. And it was a not bad one i must say. All in all what a day to catch 3 new species for the first time. I know my next 5 trips are now just going to be dismall but thats ok
  6. Wasnt trolling just spot locked and dropped the livey down. What rig would you use for that. I just have a heavy bean sinker to the swivel, then off the swivel about 1m of 50lb fluro to the hook
  7. Hi Raider... please go easy on me and don't laugh at my question so fairly new to fishing and cannot brag about getting any monster fish so bit inexperienced when it comes to fighting something that begins to peel the line off. I finally managed to get out yesterday and was in botany yesterday going for a kingfish... i have only landed rats so was sitting at the oil drums and i had the yakka out and got some good taps on the rod... then the rod buckles and im like ok here we go. so grab the rod and this things starts taking off peeling the line so tighten the drag a little bit more and still taking line so silly me i do like i have seen in the videos i gripped on the spool and POP she busted me off.... ( insert expletives here ) i really got annoyed at myself being so silly and losing the fish but i want to learn from my mistakes... - using saragosa 6000 on a terez 7.2 rod with 40lb braid and 50lb leader.... using an modified alberto or albright knot for my leader to braid connection. using a uni knot to tie a swivel on with usually 6 loop for the uni knot .. do the same when connecting other end of trace to the hook as well -so when i set my drag i just pull the line off till it is a fair bit of resistance... prob not the best method for setting drag i guess when i got busted off all i got back was my swivel.... at least my braid knot held up which was good so it makes me think my uni knot on the swivel to hook end failed. Also what do i do next time.... do i just let the fish run, i wasn't next to any rocks or reef so i think i should have next let him go for his life and wait till he stops then wind up when he is tired any tips/advice would be really helpful and i know there are some kingie slayers here on the forums so i will get good tips
  8. Sorry for late reply. Not sure if it was the problem or not but did abit of reading and some mentioned it could be the manual trim release on side so I got a screw driver and gave a good tighten and since then motor has stayed put about 10cm of asphalt. So seems all good but keeping an eye on it
  9. So finally the boat arrived and going out first time tomorrow for a spin and maybe a fish. However this has happened twice since I got the boat home. When it is parked and I have the motor down I usually trim it down till the bottom fin is about 5 Inch off the road...and twice it seems overnight it is dropping and then resting on the fin. First time trimmed it up and then today got home and same happened has dropped again. It's a brand new yamaha f150 and I never had this issue with my Suzuki or the mercury on the last boat. Am I doing something wrong or has the dealer not Installed properly. Unfortunately they are closed this week as they up at sanctuary Cove boat show so cannot talk to em about it. Thought would get some advice from the helpful fishraider folk
  10. @Pickles Its fully painted...gunmetal gray so im sure my first outing i will scratch her up.... also decking it out with a 72inch 80lb minn kota. Im looking forward to that and not having to anchor. @zmk1962...Might start with the peak and 12 mile12nd the fads, my roads dont hold enough line for browns mountain haha.... will need bigger rods for that. I think i might call my boat FV Money Pit 🙂
  11. got a 150hp Yammy on the back.... and looking forward to trying down south , the humps and stanwell finally to see if i can get a snapper or two
  12. After placing order in november 2020 and being boatless since then it has finally arrived. Is sitting in dealers waiting to be fitted out... but may have to wait till end of month to get it. Im damn looking forward to getting out there and trying to catch something.
  13. Anthman was reading up about this and will probably go for the Marinco trolling motor plug when i install mine on my boat.... but googling the folks in the states say this one is the S@%t and supposedly they one they all agree on to get however hard to get as only seen these for sale in the states.
  14. Hi all so been thinking about a lifejacket since the new boat arrives in a few weeks. the Jackets the dealer gives are the marlin manual activation jacket but like a few here i mainly go out myself so probably better i have an auto inflatable jacket. Did the search here and some have said they have had the auto ones go off when washing boat, have read if it rains or get spray can trigger it. did a quick search and there are hydrostatic jackets which go off when you hit water as it senses pressure changes had anyone on here had experience with these or anyone own one ? doesnt seem to be many out on the market when you do a search
  15. Will think of some name but will prob just stick with my marine rescue callsign if i need to call marine rescue. I mainly use app too to login. New boat is going to be a stabicraft 2050....comes next month cannot wait
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