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Hen & Chicken Bay


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Ok so I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t be catching another bass this season due to the lockdown and my spot being an hour from home.

So I’m considering an early morning out in the Hobie in Hen & Chicken Bay. I only live a few streets away from the bay and believe it or not I’ve never taken the Hobie out before. (crazy I know)

My plan was to launch at Dobroyd Aquatic club ramp, and paddle straight across to fish the mored boats along the northwest side. Throwing small hardbodies and plastics.

Expectations will be low but I figure it’s a nice day out, too close to home to not give it a shot, and any fish will be a bonus. Does anyone have any advice or tips they could share? 

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last worm if you put in at dobroyd aquatic club and paddle across you will be at half moon bay not hen and chicken which is at abbotsford.half moon bay is not a bad spot with plenty of big bream and flatties even kingies get around there in meter deep water rounding up bait fish,cheers dunc333

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