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Looking to upgrade +2014 hobie info.

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Hi guys, 

Just after some advise. I am newish to the yak fishing world I purchased a cheaper kayak to see if I'd enjoy it and I've had a ball hooked up some pbs and love the flexibility. I recently sold my cheaper yak and want something more stable and peddle. My budget is max $1500. If any one has anything for sale shoot me a message also. 

I have been offered a 2014 hobie outback. For 1200 decent condition. I've heard the seat are really uncomfortable. And also not sure if i should save a bit and get something a bit newer. Questions 1 are they still a good yak although older? Secondly is that price good there is a few on the net a bit more expensive but they have been for sale a while. 

Please note I'm not the thinnest guy so I want something that will still be stable holding my 110 kg frame (big bones or some shit) 

Sorry for the long message just wanted some expert advise and I'm sure I've come to the right place.


Thanks in advance for your responses.  

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Outback will hold your frame no probs, off top of my head I think capacity was 140kg. 

Older yak is as good as newer yak, main difference for newer yak is the 360 drive system, vantage seats and transom mount. 

Seat can be upgraded as well as drive and fins etc, but if you are going to upgrade/retro fit you might as well just save up for the newer model. I'd suggest a 2015 as that's when the vantage seat comes in and we'll as under hull transom mount. 

$1200 is a good price for an outback, won't last long. 

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Hi Mate,

I'm also hovering around the 110kg mark plus fishing gear, fishfinder and battery on a Hobie Revolution 13 (load rating 159kg). The Hobie Outback has an even higher load rating (about 190kg) so it will be fine. It is a little heavier to carry than the Revolution but that is about it. The stability will be good. The fin drive is pretty easy to service yourself. I can send you the links for that if you do get one.

Mine is a 2010 and I find the flat cushion seat fine but friends that have the later model with the chair rave about it. In the older style some of my mates have bought the blow up cushion attachment.

Depending on the year and condition I consider $1,200 to be pretty good. Mine was $2,300 new in 2010. These days they are over $3,000 new from what I've heard. Generally they hold their value pretty well. If it hasn't been done then upgrade the fins to the square tip turbos and get the larger rudder.

Happy to answer more questions or you can PM your number if you want to talk through it.



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I had a 2014 outback and traded it in for a new model back in 2018. The capacity is 181kg so no probs there. I found the old style seat ok, pretty comfy, but it obviously does not compare to the vantage seat. I paid $1200 for it back in 2017 with a new lowrance sounder. It was in great condition too. I would wait until a 2015 model pops up. I have seen a couple for $1800 but you have to be quick to snatch them up. 

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Thanks alot guys for your help advice it's much appreciated. I'll keep my eye out for a few more days if nothing newer comes up I'll probably go with the 2014. It seems like in great condition. Plus I'm sure it will be fine considering I'm upgrading for a $500 kayak so I'm sure it will be considerably better. 

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