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Port Kembla Open and Advice?


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Does anyone know if there are any restrictions for Kayak fishing in Port Kembla at the moment?

I am planning to head out there tomorrow (Sunday 19th) around 2pm and catch the incoming tide for a few hours around dusk (and also the only time I can get away). First time fishing in the port (been on the lake mostly with not much luck).

Any idea what I might catch this time of year in the port, or suggestions on bait / lures / rigs to use?

I wont have much time before-hand to catch any poddy mullet or worms, only going to the shop and buying something on the way.


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Casting lures around the jetties can be very productive, and also get you yelled at by the authorities, but lots still do it, a simple running sinker rig will be fine if you're bait fishing, plenty of Bream around at the moment.

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Thanks for the info.

Just did some more reading after reading your comments and it sounds like you are not allowed to fish in the outer harbor from a boat 😞 I didn't realize this. Might leave this alone and head to shell-harbor / bass point.


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There's a bit a swell today, some of the "sets" are quite big, easily fishable though, there's been Bonito along the North side of Bass Point, and some legal Kings too. Lots of people fish Port Harbour, and I am pretty sure they know it's not right, I guess as long as you are not being silly you might be OK?

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Yeah. Thanks again for the reply 🙂 made me re-evaluate again. I think now is not the time to be stretching the rules, I imagine they will be more likely to crack down with all the restrictions about.

Looking online there is a 1.4m swell with possible 2.8m max waves hitting directly on the north side of bass point. Also possibility of some rain.

I haven't done a lot of ocean kayak fishing so might leave this for another time until conditions are more favorable. I imagine trying to get through the breakers might be a pain unless I paddle from shellharbour. I guess I will try more areas on the lake again this-afternoon and see if I cant get any late season flatties.

I saw a number of posts in the past (on different message boards) for people doing group trips to bass point, pig island and other places around the Illawarra. But I haven't seen much activity since I got my kayak. I am interested in going out with a group of people to learn the ropes a bit more.

I guess a trip like this will probably have to wait until next summer when the conditions are more consistent, fish are more active and the COVID restrictions have been lifted. I might see if anyone is interested in a spring/summer time holiday day-trip.


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Heading off to the lake as soon as the wife gets home to look after the kids.

Yeah, that ship is a long way off shore 🙂 I don't think I will bump into that one.

My thinking is if police and fisheries are more active at the moment because of COVID, they are more likely to pick people up for doing things that they usually are fine with them doing (if not strictly permitted) so I might avoid the port. Also I don't know what I am doing in there and might accidentally get in the way of a police boat going to/from the Ruby Princess...

With the swell (it sounds largish to me, but again I don't really know) I will give bass point a try another time until I have more experience. If it was from the south I would have considered it as would be sheltered by the point.

It is a nice afternoon for a paddle. The lake will be good today even if there is probably less chance of getting on a good fish than the other locations.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.

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