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Brisbane River


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So I moved to Brissy a while ago and have really struggled catching much of anything. Mostly ive realised it was a technique issue more than anything. I was casting into the water instead of along the waters edge. A change in tactics this arvo resulted in 4 small bream in the heart of Brisbane. 

I live a short walk from coronation drive which has a fairly rugged coast line since it is made up of rough rock and boulder placed by humans to prevent erosion. The rock are scattered with mangrove trees too. So although it is not as picturesque as the wild cliffs and beaches of Sydney it has some amazing structure for bream fishing. Combined with the dirty water it means that the fish push right up to the shore line. 

Went through three lure changes before an olive crank started producing hits. Luckily because of the dirty water I was able to fish 8lb leader and still land fish. All in all landed 4 fish. All below legal length but still good to get on the board.

It's nice to know you can still catch so close to home but i definitely prefer the brighton/hays inlet area.

Rod was 6.6' 2-4kg savage. 2000 Sedona woth 6lb main line. 


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You are putting in the effort, and getting a reward for it. Not big fish, but, you are learning what is happening in your area. That is what fishos need to do. 

On holidays to a new area, give it a go. In your new backyard, trial and error will teach you what is needed for future expeditions.

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