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Ceramic eyes wanted


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Hi Wondering if anyone can help with a pretty long shot. Have a mate who has an old beach rod that he wants me to fix up for him. He would ( if possible ) like to keep it all the same as it once was, use the same type and coloured eyes if possible. I don't have the correct colour and am finding it almost impossible to locate any. Pictured is the eyes I need , I need one at approx. 22mm inside diameter and one approx. 18mm I/d . Picture 2 shows a set I do have that I may have to revert to fitting if I can't find some of the original.

Very hard to buy old/new ceramic eyes these days.

Willing to give a reasonable price + postage to anyone that may be able to help. 



The tip I will compromise.


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1 hour ago, Blackfish said:

Nice set of guides there but they are the same as the ones I have and will probably end up using the ones I have. Maybe I could very carefully paint the White ring Black so they would look alike.


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