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The Kitchen - post in some recipes please


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Just a quick word about The Kitchen

It was started in 2006. I had great tools at hand to do statistical work behind the scenes in our fishraider database. I used to check forum areas and how they were performing. Details like which subforums and particular threads  had most posts, most views, which groups were hitting them etc 

I noted that there was one particular post that was getting hit very often. It was posted in 2007 by arif and called Jamie Oliver's Fantastic Fish Pie.  It has 79,651 views along with several others like How to Cook Kingfish, How to Cook Mud Crabs, How Long Does Frozen Fish keep. 

Lots of guests visit our Kitchen. We have a few members that I gave a "Fish Chef" badge to. These members @zmk1962 @kingie chaser @flatheadluke and @dalucius are some with that badge. One is a real chef and works in the industry and the rest are great hobby chefs .

The Kitchen is open for anyone to add their recipes or information about cooking, storing or preparing fish. Even a google search link that you used is welcome. Please feel free to add posts in there at anytime.

We have some great skills amongst us. Please share your recipes. I might even throw one in and it will be very ordinary but tasty :)

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