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Trevally while chasing Flathead


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I headed out early this morning to chase flathead on the run out tide. Tried Sans Souci beach and got one legal flathead. 

Thought I'd try the other side of the channel near the red markers. Was drifting with soft plastics when the rod with a small green wiggler went off. 

After a nice fight I pulled in a 35cm trevally. I thought they preferred deep water? Was only in 4m. 

Also landed this beauty on the Sans Souci side, one of my better catches.


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I've caught them from 0.5m to about 70m at the peak off sydney.

Yep they are everywhere and often save the day when other species are not around.

I actually love to eat them - fresh, bled, skinned, filleted, deboned and lightly fried in your favourite herbs/spices. Add a greek salad (olives+fetta cheese) and crusty bread + a nice white wine and you have a beautiful meal that won't break the bank.

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