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Coxs, Lett or Jenolan

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Hi legends,

Have a weekend without my kids coming up and wanted to get out and try and hunt down some late season trout. I haven't fished the above but want to give it a go with my dad, in his 70's but fit enough for some bushwhacking. I was hopping someone could give me some advice on somewhere nearby I could start park up and be within say a 30 - 60 minute trek to one of the above that is still fishable. 

At the moment I am either looking at breakfast creek and hiking down to the coxs or parking a hartley village and treking to the jenolan or Letts, then looking to just follow the river for the day and trek back out. 

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice on where to start our trip, we are looking at trying to get there before day break and trek in to be fishing on sunrise and would love any advice, ideas or starting points




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