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Landbased lure fishing- Georges River 14/06/20


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Morning sesh:

I went out with @JamoDamo for a flathead flick at the local spot. After about 1 hour we only had gotten a few hits so we walked up to Oatley park. Tried off the wharf for a little bit with no luck still. Had a flick at a floating branch inside the nets off the beach where jamo got a small bream at 20cm. It was his first bream on a lure. I decided to tie on my cranka crab to see if there were any more bream around and first cast with it I landed a slightly bigger one at about 22cm, my first bream on my cranka crab which I’ve only used once before. 

Arvo sesh:

We walked down to another spot locally after some lunch to try and get some flathead. First cast I got a very aggressive hit but missed the hookup. Nothing much happened for about an hour until I hooked about a 45cm flatty which shook the sp free at my feet. Nothing else to report after that. 

Day of firsts for both of us:

first bream on a sp: jamo

first bream on a cranka crab:me

Hopefully we get some bigger bream soon. 
Lures used:

-Squidgies wriggler 100mm bloodworm/ 1/12th jighead 

-Cranka Crab olive green 2.7g (can’t remember exactly what the colour is called)

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