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  1. Thank you I’ll check it now
  2. Hello all long time no post… I have a GME GX600 VHF currently installed in my boat. The unit powers on and all the functions work however it doesn’t pick up any channels nor make any sound whatsoever. I’m thinking this could be an issue with my antenna and/or the speaker within the unit but I’m not 100% sure. Anyone got any ideas on what could be wrong or how I could fix it? thank you
  3. I've come to believe they just know when you're there. They'll come out when you're not rigged up or there but as soon as you're there they're gone. happens to me too much
  4. The squid skirts are an awesome way to fish and nothing is more addicting than watching the rods buckle in the holder and listening to the drag scream. The white cloth on a hook would probably still work, I’ll have to try it when I’m in a pinch.
  5. Yep I agree things are much too complicated now. Simple is best imo
  6. Thanks to all your tips we managed to catch a decent feed of tailor today. We had 7 hook ups, 1 double hook up, landed 5 and kept 3 all between 7am and 9:30am. No luck finding the Mac tuna but that’s for next time. The smallest we kept was 31cm
  7. ahh damn I saw a few of them in the tackle shop today, I thought they looked pretty good. Ill have to change over all the hooks tomorrow as they all currently have 2/0. Im happy to catch anything on the skirts but I'm mainly looking for little tuna or bonito. lol ever since my first marlin outing I've been addicted to towing lures
  8. I’ll have to look up those hooks as I’m not too familiar with the mustard codes. The skirts I just bought are 75mm and 115m so ill probably use the 5/0s for the 75mm and 6/0 for the 115mm
  9. Thank you. The hooks here are ganged hooks but I removed the first one so it was just the 2 hooks left. I had a quick test in the pool and it didn't seem to spin but I think ill go with a 1/0 or 2/0 long or short shank for the smaller ones
  10. Hi all I’m looking to try trolling some squid skirts around Botany Bay to see if I can land myself a mac tuna, kingfish or any other pelagics that might be around. I’ve never really tried it before. I’m just wondering how these lures should swim in the water. Should they sit just below the surface or should they kind of drag along the surface and make a small wake? This one here is a bit big maybe 5 inches but I’m going to go get some smaller pink ones as all the ones I currently have are deformed.
  11. Would have to check it out they might still be around
  12. We had 3 out live whilst we were catching them but none of them got hits. Maybe it was just a slow night
  13. It was the perfect size to eat but we decided to release it in the end along with the other just legals. Uni hasn’t started just yet Ive got about 3 weeks before it starts
  14. Went out with my mate Matt this afternoon with the goal of netting some prawns. We met up at 6:30 and whilst we waited for the sun to go down we flicked plastics on the sand flat for some flatties. The bite was pretty good landing 6 between the both of us in a short amount of time, the biggest one going 49cm. Not the biggest of flathead but still good fun. Once the sun went down we pulled out the torches and nets and started hunting our prawns. We walked up and down, finding lots of smallish prawns swimming along the surface with the mullet but we didn’t bother with them. The bigger prawns we caught were found around the rocks and on the edge of the structures. After 2 hours or so we had 25 to take back home. For the Georges river I think that’s pretty good also considering that we’ve never really done a proper prawning session. Has anyone else tried to catch prawns in the georges and if so did you have much luck?
  15. Yeah I’ve had another think about it and after a recent session on the boat I’ve found where it could be very useful.
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