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Port Stephens Moorings and Services.


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I'm looking at possibly moving my boat from Lake Macquarie to Port Stephens and wanted to hear of any good or bad points/experiences to help me make up my mind.

Does anyone here have or had a boat moored at Port Stephens that could assist with a fair mechanic in the area and a mooring contractor as I can only find one mooring contractor for Port Stephens and they are over double the cost of the mooring at Lake Macquarie. Is it going to be a lot more expensive having my boat at Port Stephens??

Any info would be much appreciated.



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My boat is 27 feet so does need to be slipped.

I have only just began looking and spoke with Port Stephens Moorings and they were over double the price for a mooring installation compared to Lake Macquarie so looked around for other mooring services but still can't find any. Might be a better quality mooring device, don't know.

Will need a good mechanic and slip yard as well. Any recommendations would be great.

Cheers Rod.

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