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Boat ramps for the novice - SE QLD


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New boat owner wanting to find stress free boat ramps around Brisbane and North Gold Coast area?

My main concerns are, having easy one person launch as I will only have my young fella me at times and the other concern is tricky ramps due to current or wind.



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1 hour ago, blahblah said:

Decided to use a dam to start with, some good salt ramp recommendation would be good though.

@blahblah Just a suggestion but use google maps or google earth to look at the ramps.

Satellite & if possible street view.

I do it all the time.

While you cant tell how slippery they are you can tell if its a decent ramp by just looking at it, whether there are pontoons, how many lanes etc!!

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If you ever happen to find yourself as far north as the Bundaberg area, the Burnett Heads boat ramp is by far the best up here - 4 lanes, handy pontoon to tie up to on the left-hand side, super calm in virtually all conditions, minimal current, toilets across the road, plenty of parking, no coastal bar to cross, and not too busy if you aim for weekdays rather than weekends. Further upstream in the freshwater, the Sandy Hook boat ramps are also excellent.

On the other side of the coin, there are a few muddy, slippery, high-tide-only ramps around the place, or ramps where you're fighting the surf or strong cross-currents. A lot of the creeks/rivers up here have shallow, constantly shifting mouths as well, where local knowledge comes into play: the Elliot, the Baffle, the Kolan and Theodolite Creek at Woodgate, to name a few.

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