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New Prop for 50hp Mercury 1995 model


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Hi everyone

I am having some trouble working out what prop to buy to replace a damaged plastic prop. Everone keeps asking me to find the pitch but i only have a serial number on whats left of the prop. No dealer will help they just ask for the pitch and diameter. 

I have attached a photo of the prop will the only detail available and worndered if anyone elae had been down the same path. 

Please help!!!!!






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For starters it's not a plastic prop it is alloy. Take the prop off and take it to a marine spare parts dealer and I'm sure they could match it up. There are a few good marine wreckers here in Sydney but I see you are on Central coast.


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Agree wih frank, take the prop & a better picture of the ID plate to a boat spares place in Gosford.

There are plenty of them, your local mercury dealer is-

1) Insinc Marine



20 Dell Road
West Gosford , NSW 2250


I take a picture of my ID plate with me when I go for spare parts.


Alternatively enter your motor details into something like this & it might give you a part number, you could then order it online but imo its better to go direct to a store, that way if there is something wrong with it you can exchange it



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29 minutes ago, noelm said:

Have you taken the prop off? Quite often the size is stamped on the back near where the thrust washer goes.

The prop has some sort of serial number on top of it but I wouldnt trust that anyway as I dont think its the original as I have never seen a factory alloy prop with zero paint finish on it, stainless yes.


I know they lose a bit of paint from high rev's & over time but that thing looks aftermarket?


Thinking about it, it does also look like its composite plastic having a second look which makes sence having no paint on it!


So what is the actual motor @MacLon?

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