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New outfit - seems to work!


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So little time for fishing lately, but I got sick this week. Once I’d done the right thing and passed the COVID test, I was still too ill to work though. Retail therapy at the tackle shop!

It’d been ages since I bought myself anything new beyond terminal tackle, and I wanted a nice light spinning setup for flicking lures. Finally settled on an 8’ Sakana and a Daiwa Kix 2500. Got it home, spooled up some 2kg braid and debated whether I was well enough for an inaugural fish.

I eventually decided I was, but didn’t have any tiny lures, or even jigheads. So I squished a split shot onto a long shank hook, slipped on a wriggler and walked down to Callan Park. Walk took longer than I thought, so I got there without much light left.

First cast: I thought something had gone wrong. I could feel nothing in my hands after the tiny bump of my leader knot leaving the final guide, and I could hear nothing. Facing a bit of sunset glare and choppy water, I could see nothing either. Finally I started retrieving, surprised to pull up on the weight of the lure. It’s obviously gone a very long way for such a tiny weight (tick one for the new rod) and I can feel the other end with such clarity even with the chop. It almost doesn’t surprise me when I feel a little nudge, then a decent chomp. 25cm flathead.

Second cast: see above

Third cast: see above

Fourth cast: catch a snag, snap the line

With failing light and no more McGuyver Brand lures to tie on anyway, I called it a night.

Very happy with my purchase, and looking forward to a keeper!

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