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  1. Thank you every one. Biggest Snapper 50cm. Newport Arms is like home. Lived on the Northern Beaches for years. Bait is fresh squid. Cheers.
  2. Have a top trip. I believe the Trout are huge. Cheers.
  3. It will be anybody's Grand Final.
  4. Hi All. Arrived around Sunrise. Nice morning. Quite to start. First up a Groper. 38cm Released. Ended up with 3 Snapper. 44 to 49CM. Neighbours will be happy. Off to breakfast at the Newport Arms. Top morning.
  5. Panthers V Eels 32--18 Parra Power
  6. There is nothing about lifting Womens Sport. Womens Sport has been around for years. If its not publicized you will not hear about it. The same with many other sports that Woman & Men compete in. Cheers
  7. Somebody commented on how well this chat was.going. I wonder who that was ?????????
  8. Have a look at some real facts. Saturday's night game was watched bt 4.7 Million. Cathy Freeman 2000 Olymics 8.8 Million State of Orgin 5 Million. Wimbeldon 7.5 Million. World Cup Rugby 12.8 Million. The list goes on.
  9. Have a look at Penn & The Abu Garcia 4.0 veritas range. Better than Shimno ( IMO ) Good luck.
  10. Storm V Raiders. 48--2. As the Coach said. Embarrassing.
  11. Knights V Bulldogs 42--6 Tough game.
  12. Everybody likes to jump on the band wagon,when the going is good. When they fail like Rugby Union, nobody wants to know. How long has Rugby League been around. Since 1908. Still the most watched sport.
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