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Looking for some Snyder info


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Hi Dazamcstaga I have had the same rod in two piece and still have a one piece I built for an Alvey (with low mount)

 I built mine with a 10 inch wooden butt and use both a 5 inch (50A5E Alvey) or a 6 inch (600A5 Alvey) as they are a good all purpose rod and you can use 3-7 kg line on them, making them pretty versatile.

Yours would be ideally suited to a 4-5000 size spinning reel as the production rods were built for spinning reels and they were great for throwing 1 to 2 oz (30-60 gm) lures with 5-6 kg line. Really fast taper blank and great for casting.

If you need any more info just ask

Regards Waza

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The first numbers would indicate to me it is a 6 wrap blank , 110 inches long and the last two letters could be TH for threadline - can you show us a picture of the butt set up ?

The T could also be to indicate the taper with the last unit being a 4 which could indicate the taper say from 1 to 4 or the rated line breaking strain in kg  so 4kg .


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