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South Coast NSW


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Hey raiders,

Just back from a long fishing weekend down the coast.

A couple sunrise sessions (low tide and a few hours either side) off the rocks produced plenty of squid. The few that we returned to the bottom as bait on those trips resulted in some epic battles with eagle rays, a carpet shark and one random monster I never had a chance of stopping. A floated live squid didn't get any attention. Spinners and stick baits didn't see any action either on these morning trips.

High tide was the middle of the day, trevalley on bread bait and salmon with metals were on offer off the rocks or the beach.

An early afternoon till dusk session (run out side of high tide till low tide) off the rocks with plenty of burley brought some excitement. Plenty of yaccas but surprisingly hard to catch (plenty of competition from rubbish rock species), spinners produced pike close to the bottom. Half a dozen rat kingies spent ten minutes smashing through the baitfish in our burley. They didn't take any lures and the only one hooked was on an unweighted bait and managed to get tangled in another line resulting in a lost fish. Live baits were ignored as well. Still great to watch the kings going nuts at your feet though.

All in all a great trip, I'll be back down in a few weeks to settle a score with those kings.

Does anyone have a great setup for catching yaccas off the rocks? A Bobby float with a little hook or two worked but you spent a lot of time catching little trevalley, sweep and assorted rock species to get to the yaccas.

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