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U40 Corkseal


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So I’ve had a really nice new baitcaster built, it’s perfect and I love it to death. (expensive)

Got myself some U40 corkseal for the handles, but getting cold feet about using it now.

All of the online reviews I’ve read seem to be positive but mostly US reviews.

Has anyone used this stuff? Any negative affects on grip colour, feel or finish? 

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I haven't used that product, but have used thinned down polyurethane on my cork grips and 20 year old rods look like new. The trick is 2 light coats to soak in and seal the cork rather than coat it.

Never had a problem with slippery grips, even on fly rods.



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4 minutes ago, lastworm said:

Apparently the trick with this stuff is just the one coat, as the second coat won’t adhere to the first one

Sounds good. As long as it stops the cork absorbing all the stinky goop, that’s all you need.

Enjoy the new rod.

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Ok so I decided to finally test out the U40 on an old Shimano Backbone baitcaster I bought years ago before going at my brand new custom rod.

Although there are heaps of people in the USA that use this stuff and swear by it, all their reviews just say how great it is and it works well to keep out dirt and oil from your hands. Nobody has really provided side by side comparisons of the stuff applied to a cork handle, including the dried finish and a proper review, so here goes.

Below are the progress images of the cork handle;



Cleaned with methylated spirits 


Lightly sanded with magic marker


Fresh cork seal applied


Touch dry (after 2 hours)


Below are each of the stages side by side


I had three main concerns with the product:

1) How well will it seal the cork - time will tell, but anything better than bare cork I’ll be happy

2) Will it affect the colour of the cork - only very very slightly after drying for 2 hours. Not enough to notice even in the side by side comparisons

3) Most of all will it change the texture of the cork - not at all, it feels exactly the same as the bare cork did. Not hard, shiny or slippery.

I’m sold, and will be applying it to the new rod ASAP.

Hopefully this helps other members considering using this stuff.

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