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Striped & Black Marlin (done)

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Hey Guys,

I notice there is currently no record for a Striped Marlin on lure or Black Marlin on bait.

This is one I got recently with a measured short length of 202cm and estimated weight of 60kg. 

And another Striped Marlin I got a week later, with an estimated weight of 70kg although didn't get a measurement boatside of him.

And 2 Black Marlin I caught myself with a measured short length of 130cm and estimated weight of 20/25kg

I don't expect these to last too long! 😁

Cheers, Brendo 🤙

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@Brendan Monks sorry for delay here

I have awarded the Black Marlin on bait badge

For some reason the records for Lure black, striped and blue are completely missing from the list on here. I have a spreadsheet that tell me otherwise! The badge was awarded to member R_Zee for a 140kg striped marlin so yours would not have been a badge anyway.

I will check this out and get to the bottom of it.

Well done with those fish

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