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Noosa fishing


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Hi Guys, 

I’ve been fishing Noosa the last few days and haven’t been doing it tough finding mackerel. Just seeing if anyone can give me some advice for Chardons and north reef. I’ve got GPS marks but can’t seem to find much structure or bait out there. 

Thinking of heading to double island point on the weekend so if anyone has any advice or GPS marks for that area I’d really appreciate it.

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Sorry can't help you with marks, never been there.

I do remember though that my old man used to go to rainbow beach/DIP every years for some time with a group if mates for a couple of weeks & I would look at pictures of plenty of big mackerel, sailfish & other fish they would catch.

Talking about the late 70's here so think you would just troll a lure around anywhere & you would get something.


Good luck.

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Been a while since ive fished up that way, but my memeries are that the closer reefs are a far better option for mackies than the wider ones , try Sunshine or even Jew Shoal or the reef (whos name i forget) just to the north of the bar. There isnt any areas with huge pinnicles but they all hold heaps of bait and the macks will be there

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