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Hi Raiders 

Some might know I’ve got the naughtiest cat in the world. Lately he’s been fighting with the other Toms in the neighbourhood and coming off second best. After 3 trips to the vet and 1 to SASH after hours $$$$$$$ for treatment we decided it’s time to keep him in, for his sake and the neighbours.

We have a pretty big back veranda and we rang around to get quotes to create  a cat enclosure, the one responder quoted 4-5K??.

It took all weekend and it came in around $500. The company that makes the net also make commercial fishing nets, anyway  pretty happy with the result.



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Good stuff. Cat will love it!.I made an enclosure out of steel and mesh for ours.She has a cat door through the window with a bridge that leads into the enclosure.Best $1000 I've spent.


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That is Fabulous!! . Put's my one to shame, your cats are very spoilt. You done a great job and it's a credit to you.

IF there are other cat lovers out there that are thinking of building something like this, come and see me first, I have enough Stainless steel tubing and Stainless wire to build a couple of pens like this , and it would only cost a bit for my labor to weld it all up. Think of a design and I can make it. I work cheap.


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